Racumin Paste® is highly palatable, ready-to-use rodenticide bait to control rats (Rattus rattus, Rattus norvegicus) and domestic mice (Mus domesticus) in and around the private, public and agricultural buildings. The biocide is effective against rats and mice in all stages of their development.

Instructions for use: The product should be used only in tamper deratization boxes and covered poisonous points indoors and outdoors (only around buildings as perimeter treatment).The number of sachets per bait station and covered bait points must be adapted to the effective rate. The number of bait stations and covered bait points is function of the area of treatment and infestation rate. Distances between bait stations and covered bait points must be respected. Inspect and refill the bait stations and covered bait points few days after the first application then once in a week as long as the bait is consumed. Do not clean the bait stations between two applications.Rat and mouse control measures should continue until no more bait consumption is apparent, but not exceeding five weeks. A normal bait campaign lasts 3 weeks.

Dose Rates:

Rodents Moderate Infestation Heavy Infestation  
Rats 100g- 200g/ each 5 m to 20 m 100g- 200g/ each3m to10 m  
Mice 10g- 20g / each 5 m to 20 m 10g- 20g / each2m to10 m  

For further information, please refer to the leaflet.


Producer: Bayer S.A.S. Environmental Science, 16 rue Jean-Marie Leclair CS90106, F-69266 Lyon Cedex 09.
Importer: Euromed sh.p.k., Bajram Curri Blv., Pll 298, H16, 1004 Tirana, Albania, Tel.:+355 42 360 835.
Batch and production date: marked on the package.
Shelf life: 3 years from the production date.

Contents: 5 kg (500x10g)

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