Aqua K OthrineMATERIALI I TE DHENAVE TE SIGURISE sipas Rregullores (KE)  


Aqua K-Othrine is an anti-evaporant formulation using patented film-forming aqueous spray technology FFAST™. It is a pyrethroid-based insecticide concentrate (EW - emulsion in water) for use as a space-spray for the control of adult mosquitoes and flies as per the Instructions for use.

Instructions for use: Dilute the concentrate with water (see dose rate below). Shake well before use. Wear overalls, protective gloves and respiratory protective equipment when using handheld ULV or thermal fogging equipment. Outdoor space spraying is best carried out in the evening when still air conditions prevail and bees are not foraging. For further information, please refer to the leaflet.

ULV aerosol (Restricted to Outdoor application only)

Treatment Dose Rate Dilution Rate Application Rate
Product / Water
Outdoor – aerial and terrestrial application deltamethrin – 1 g/ha 1 + 9 0,5 l/ha

Thermal fog

Treatment Dose Rate Dilution Rate Application Rate
Product / Water
Outdoor – terrestrial application deltamethrin – 1 g/ha 1 + 99 5 l/ha
Indoor – terrestrial application deltamethrin – 0,05g/1000m3 1 + 199 500 ml/1000m3


Producer: Bayer S.A.S. Environmental Science, 16 rue Jean-Marie Leclair CS90106, F-69266 Lyon Cedex 09.
Importer: Euromed sh.p.k., Bajram Curri Blv., Pll 298, H16, 1004 Tirana, Albania, Tel.:+355 42 360 835.
Batch and production date: marked on the package.
Shelf life: 2 years from the production date.


Contents: 1L 

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